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Parenting can be tough.  We’re here to help and offer inspiration along the way. 
Featuring expert weaning advice from leading nutritionists, to parenting tips and more, keep checking back to see what we have lined up.

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Recipe Inspiration

Starting to wean?  Stuck in a midweek meal routine?  Need some recipe inspiration? We’ve got some tasty recipes to get the whole family’s tastebuds tickling. 

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Activity Ideas

Looking for ideas to banish boredom?  Its time to explore and get messy with a range of craft and activity ideas from our Community.

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Bibado Blogs

Explore the latest news from the world of Bibado.  Our founder Rachel has some exciting podcasts lined up, and we’re working on some exciting new product developments so watch this space.

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Awards & Press highlights

We’re so proud of where we’ve come from.  Check out the fantastic press coverage we’ve already received from leading publications and some familiar celebrity faces.

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Come wean with us

Our Feeding Curiosity podcast series has been designed to give you everything you need for a safe, fun and encouraging start to your weaning adventures. Introducing solids is one of the most exciting and rewarding developmental stages in your little one’s journey but you won’t be the first parent to have a million and one questions on how, and where, to get started.

We’ll be talking to early years’ occupational therapists, paediatricians, nutrition experts and parents to help and support you in your mealtime adventures. We’ll bring you invaluable insight, handy hints, top tips and nutritious recipes to make the journey easier to understand and more fun.

We’ll answer all your questions, and more, on subjects like - When do I start introducing solids? Should I opt for baby-led weaning, purees or a combination? What do I do if my baby gags? And, How do I get them to safely try more textures and flavours?

Join us on your favourite platform and make every mealtime an opportunity to fuel their growth and your confidence. Bibado, bringing families together at the table.

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