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About Us

About Us

Welcome to Bibado. We are a British brand on a mission to make a positive difference for children and parents in the feeding and messy play space.
Childhood and parenthood are some of the most amazing adventures in our lives and Bibado wants to help you enjoy every second. We want to encourage a love of curiosity within both children and parents. We do this through designing products to provide practical solutions, which also empower, educate and help you have fun. Adventuring around mealtimes and exploration through play is our number 1.

Bibado giving back

We’re delighted that Bibado makes a positive difference to families’ mealtimes and lives. But we’re also driven by a desire to make a difference to the lives of families all over the world who are less fortunate.
That’s why we passionately raise money and support charities from the UK and overseas. Thanks to you and your Bibado purchases, together we’ve already donated a whopping £60k to family related causes!
Working closely with charities including Noah’s Ark Children’s Hospital, Gingerbread and Baby Bank Network, this money has positively impacted the lives of those who need it the most. Supporting families and communities is a key pillar of our future, and we look forward to sharing with you many more initiatives which are close to our hearts.

Working Culture

Family is at the core of Bibado. We support families with our portfolio of products, but also see our Bibado team as family who we look after through a company structure set up to give employees flexibility.

Bibado aim to provide a stimulating, exciting and rewarding employment experience for all its team. A focus on flexibility allowing them to work around their families is key, allowing everyone to benefit fully from a balance of family life and work. And a happy employee ultimately makes a for a happy family.

Our Story

Bibado was founded by Rachel, after a very messy mealtime with her twin daughters. There was no solution to help keep her twin girls clean whilst they were thoroughly enjoying eating spaghetti bolognaise. They also happened to equally enjoy covering themselves, the highchair and the floor. So Rachel cut up an old umbrella to keep the mess at bay, whilst allowing her daughters to carry on exploring. The problem was solved and our award-winning Bibado Coverall was born.
Spring forward a few years and we now are helping 1 in 6 families in the UK stay mess-free and stress-free. Introducing and exploring new foods, as well as positive mealtime experiences are fundamental skills for babies to develop happy and healthy eating habits. We are delighted to be able to support so many people in that journey. And we have a growing range of new products to help parents and children on their adventure. With the help of our amazing community of customers, we are always looking to develop new and innovative ways to help parents and babies make the most out of the amazing adventures in early childhood.


"This bib is an engineering masterpiece….and imbued us with total faith that no food would get through. …it covered our little tester entirely and caught everything it needed to.”


We were honoured and delighted to be selected as the Bizziebaby Gold Award Winner 2021 for the Coverall in their Bibs Category.


“You simply put your baby in the bib and then strap the bottom of the bib to the highchair – it’s genius!”


Poppit On was awarded Silver in the Breastfeeding Accessories, tops and feeding accessories category

Rachel Wood

Founder / Director of Product Development and Innovation

Cath Ridout

Customer Experience Manager

Adam Williams

Technical Operations Manager

Dan Laxton

Managing Director

Tom Laxton

Global Operations Director

Eve Fernandez


Liam James

Logistics Manager

Will Jayne

Industrial Product Designer

Klara Matysakova

UX Research Manager

Kirk McVeigh

Sales Manager

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