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Interactive Sound Book: Oooh…That’s new!

Supporting happy and healthy eating habits
Uncovering first food favourites
Reinforce positive reactions to new foods
Learn through play and mirroring
Develop their love and curiosity for food
Navigate picky eating with their favourite characters
A fun, shared learning activity to explore together
Available as single book or two-pack

Developmental Benefits

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Interactive Sound Book: Oooh…That’s new!

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Setting little mouths up for feeding success

Developed with Nutritionists and experts, these books will help your little ones master successful mealtimes by supporting their exploration and familiarity with new foods during weaning.  They provide a great way to nurture curiosity, whilst also creating a positive mindset when introducing new first foods.

More than 'just a story book'

Overcome picky eating and food jerks by copying the behaviours of their favourite Bibado pals – ‘What did the fox say about broccoli?’ and "Why don’t we try broccoli like the fox?".

Learn through play and mimicking

These books are intended to create a framework for play, both at and away from the dinner table for little ones.  In turn, this encourages their confidence at mealtimes as they’ve learnt (and mirrored) new behaviours and vocabulary in a less stressful and engaging environment. 

Develop their love and curiosity for food

Ideal for weaning adventures and beyond, the whole family can enjoy this book together to support happier successful mealtimes.  Discover and reveal new exciting first foods beneath the flaps - building familiarity and confidence to experiment/explore at the dinner table.

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Description & Benefits

‘Oooh…That’s new!’ is much more than just a story book.  It’s part of an interactive weaning series of children's sound books developed with nutritionists and experts to support happy and curious mealtimes.   

Intended to support the exploration and discovery of first foods, they will help nurture a positive mindset for curious mealtime adventurers.  

Your little ones will love copying the sounds from the book, reinforcing positive reactions and language to new foods  - all with the help of their favourite Bibado pals!

Plus, through play and mimicking, ‘Oooh…That’s new!’ will help navigate around picky eating and ‘food jerks’, by creating a fun and engaging space to nurture little ones curiosity, whilst increasing their familiarity with new foods, tastes and flavours.

 “...the perfect interactive and engaging books to support a child's developmental progression in exploring and eating food” 

Clare Pidgeon, Paediatric Occupational Therapist

Ideal for weaning adventures and beyond, the whole family can enjoy this book together.  Packed with fun, bright and colourful illustrations, there’s a visual feast waiting to be discovered on each page!  

With the delightful funny sounds, you’ll soon be exploring new words and phrases for successful mealtimes, while discovering key first foods for weaning (as recommended by the NHS).  

Play together, learn together, and most importantly have some fabulous mealtime adventures together.

Developmental Benefits

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Loved by Nutritionists, experts and parents already

“The perfect interactive and engaging books to support a child's developmental progression in exploring and eating food” Clare Pidgeon, Paediatric Occupational Therapist.

Together these books support foundational developmental skills to nurture little ones curiosity at weaning, through to learning the skills and mouth muscle movements to eat successfully.

Passionate about weaning developmenty 

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