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Mealtime adventures are better with Bibado! Let our award-winning products make a difference to your weaning journey.

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Bibado Family Hub


The Bibado Family hub is an invaluable resource for parents who are embarking on the exciting journey of weaning babies and toddlers. Bibado is passionate about enhancing mealtime experiences, so here you'll find a wealth of information, guidance and inspiration to support you through this pivotal stage of a child's development.

As well as expert advice from trusted nutritionists and experts in child development, the Bibado Family Hub contains an extensive collection of delicious recipes, ensuring that children get the right nutrients while enjoying a world of flavour.

Finally, you'll find links to our active social media channels where you'll get the latest Bibado news, and where you can actively engage with us and share your experiences!

The Feeding Curiosity Podcast

The Bibado Feeding Curiosity podcast series has been designed to give you everything you need for a safe, fun and encouraging start to your weaning adventures. Introducing solids is one of the most exciting and rewarding developmental stages in your little one’s journey but you're bound to have questions!

We’ll be talking to early years’ occupational therapists, paediatricians, nutrition experts and parents to help and support you in your mealtime adventures. We’ll bring you invaluable insight, handy hints, top tips and nutritious recipes to make the journey easier to understand and more fun.

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