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Teething Collection: Dawn the Dinosaur™️

Teething Collection: Dawn the Dinosaur™️

  • Teething Toy: Dawn the Dinosaur™

  • Teething Bundle: Dawn the Dinosaur

    -1 x Dawn The Dinosaur Teether
    -1 x Dawn The Dinosaur Storybook
    -3 x Premium Double Dribble Bibs
  • Dawn’s First Tooth Lift-the-Flap Storybook

  • Double Dribble Bibs: Dino 3-Pack


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Our Dawn The Dinosaur™️ Teething products provide parents and little ones with everything they need to take the pain out of teething and to set little mouths up for feeding success. Lovingly designed and created by a Dentist, it’s a complete collection of complementary products that offer maximum support to families during teething and weaning. There’s a multi-sensory teether designed to minimise teething discomfort and strengthen mouth muscles for safe and successful self-feeding. Our read-along-together, Lift-the-Flap, Storybook has been designed to use alongside Dawn The Teether to help little ones understand and explore all Dawn's textures and features. Where there's teething, there's usually dribble, so our ultimate teething bundle also includes a 3-pack of the softest, highest quality, most absorbent Double Dribble Bibs to keep them dry all day long.

Starter Weaning Bundle Save 40%

- 2 x Long Sleeve Coverall
- 1 x Short Sleeve Coverall
- 1 x Two Pack of Dippit™ Weaning Spoons
- 1 x Matching Handi Cutlery Sets
- 1 x Dawn the Dinosaur™ Teether
- 1 x Free 50 First Foods weaning chart

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