Strawberry Surprise Muffins – Bibado


100g self raising flour

100g caster sugar 

100g butter (we used a dairy free alternative to make them dairy free)

2 eggs

Reduced sugar strawberry jam

Handful of chopped strawberries


1) Beat together the butter & sugar in a bowl

2) Add one egg at a time and stir until the mixture is smooth

3) Add small amounts of flour and continue to mix until all the flour is added

4) Half fill each muffin case with the mixture, then add a spoonful of jam on top of each one. 

5) Add the remaining mixture on top of the jam and use a spoon to spread so that the jam is enclosed inside

6) Add some chopped strawberries to the top 

7) Bake at 200c for around 15 minutes, or until they are risen and slightly browning on top


Hull a strawberry by pushing a straw through it

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