Savoury French Roll Ups – Bibado


2 eggs

1 cup of milk

1/2 tsp pepper

6 slices of bread

Some butter or mayonnaise

Grated cheese 

3 slices of ham


1) Mix eggs, milk & pepper in a bowl.

2) Cut crusts off bread and use a rolling pin to flatten the bread.

3) Spread some butter or mayonnaise on the bread.

4) Add half a slice of ham to each one and a sprinkle of cheese (tip do not overfill).

5) Roll up tight.

6) Add some oil to a pan.

7) Dip the roll in the egg mixture.

8) Put seal side down in the pan to ensure the filling doesn’t spill out.

9) Keep turning till golden brown & cheese has melted.

10) Serve and enjoy.

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