Brunch Cups – Bibado


3 eggs

375g pack of ready to roll puff pastry

3 slices of ham

50g Cheese


1) Roll out your puff pastry and cut into 4 equal size squares

2) Brush one square with water and place another layer on top, repeat again for second square

3) Whisk an egg and brush all over both squares, then pop in the oven for 15mins on 180°

4) Remove from oven and cut out a square on each pastry

5) Layer a slice of ham at the bottom of the cut out area, then sprinkle grated cheese, lastly crack an egg on the top

6) Put back in the oven for roughly 15- 17 minutes depending on how you like your egg cooked

7) Enjoy!

Experiment with Flavours!

Try swapping out the savoury ingredients for sweet! Yoghurt and fruit make the perfect mid-morning treat!

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