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Here at Bibado we love to develop little minds and help to set them up for feeding success. We want to instil confidence and inspire their curiosity, making mealtimes a real adventure for them and you.

We know that 50% of all parents experience picky eating with their children, and so we really want to help combat that. Over the last year, Bibado have been working with feeding experts and nutritionists to develop a series of interactive weaning books. There are two books, each serving a different purpose.



The first book supports happy and healthy eating habits and is intended to support the exploration and discovery of first foods, while the second book develops the key mouth movements needed for successful eating. By exploring the sounds and actions needed to strengthen the oral muscles to chew, slurp and swallow, your little one will strengthen the mouth muscles needed for successful eating.

Through our work with experts, we know that fussy eating is often caused by a physical issue as well as a psychological one, and by supporting the fundamental building blocks to eating, we hope this will help prevent this from happening.  We can't wait to see you and your little ones use them.

Watch this video of Rachel, our Founder and Product Innovator, explaining why she has created these books, and the developmental and educational benefits they provide.

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