Rainbow Rice – Bibado
This is a great sensory activity for any age! The brightly coloured rice is a great way for little ones to explore their colours, whilst working in their fine motor skills too. By pouring, scooping, spooning and sprinkling the rice, using spoons, pots, cups and their hands.
You will need:
Rice - (as much as you like, we recommend one cup for each colour
Large tub/tray
Acrylic paint
Empty jar with a lid
Paper towel
Scooping tools
To make the rice:
1) Simply put some in a glass jar,
2) Add a dollop of acrylic paint then pop the lid on and give it a good shake!
3) Once all the rice is fully coated lay to dry on a paper towel
4) Wash your jar out and repeat for the next colour.
Once the rice is dry, lay out in stripes in your tub, add the scooping tools and watch your little ones have lots of fun.

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