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Article: Episode 1: Lucinda Miller

Season 1

Episode 1: Lucinda Miller

In our very first Feeding Curiosity podcast, we'll discuss how to wean and instil great mealtime experiences for the whole family, along with some amazing top tips and advice which we'd never heard before - such as why do kids sometimes want beige food?

Episode 1: Lucinda Miller


We talk with hundreds of parents every day at Bibado, and are always being told that you’re struggling to find practical, useful information to help your families on their weaning journey and beyond. With so much information out there, what time-pressured parents really wanted was bitesize tips and advice from experts to reassure and point them in the right direction.

That's why we've created the Feeding Curiosity podcast specifically with you in mind. We'll be working with fantastic experts over the series to tackle topics such as picky eating, flavour exploration, how to manage family mealtime juggles, and much more.

In our first episode, we're talking to Naturopath expert Lucinda Miller about how to know when your little one is ready to wean, and how to embark upon the weaning adventure, along with some amazing top tips which we'd never heard before!

Lucinda Miller is the clinical lead of NatureDoc Clinic, a UK-wide nutrition clinic specialising in women’s and child nutrition. Having raised 3 children, and working in this field for over 20 years, she has authored two family cookbooks, The Good Stuff and I Can’t Believe It’s Baby Food packed with delicious nutritious recipe inspiration.  

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