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We talk with hundreds of parents every day at Bibado, and are always being told that you’re struggling to find practical, useful information to help your families on their weaning journey and beyond. With so much information out there, what time-pressured parents really wanted was bitesize tips and advice from experts to reassure and point them in the right direction.

That's why we've created the Feeding Curiosity podcast specifically with you in mind. We'll be working with fantastic experts over the series to tackle topics such as picky eating, flavour exploration, how to manage family mealtime juggles, and much more.

In our fifth episode, we're talking to mum of 2 and Real Food Littles Founder Christiana Scott.  Christiana is a health-focused personal chef, nutritional therapy practitioner and passionate supporter of baby-led weaning. Determined to avoid the picky eating and short-order cooking that plagued her clients, she was introduced to baby-led weaning and saw its benefits play out in the families she worked with. After a long struggle with infertility, loss and IVF, she found herself pregnant with twins and knew she had only one chance to get it right. She did BLW with her own twins, but quickly realised "feed the baby what you eat" was a gross over-generalisation that left her with more questions than answers. She created the resource she wished she had - a course walking through not only the details of baby-led weaning but also a guide to raising an adventurous eater and adapting your cooking in order to serve one meal the whole family can enjoy - baby included. Join us as we discover how we can make baby-led weaning manageable for busy parents.

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