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 Steriliser1. Use a steriliser It’s not necessary - you can use boiling water in a pan - but if you can, get yourself a steriliser. Sterilising bottles is a time-consuming activity, so if you can shave off a few precious minutes by using a sterilising machine, so much the better. Plus, it’s a stage of the bottle feeding process that many new mums and dads are understandably reticent to cut out. Sterilising a bottle is a way of ensuring that no nasties get into your baby’s system unnecessarily.

2. Try different teets Bottle feeding, especially for those that are using bottle feeding as a way to top up breastfeeding, can be difficult for a baby to get to grips with immediately. A good way to get them enjoying bottle feeding a little more is to find a teet that works for them. There are many different designs these days, made of different materials, so there should be one that a baby will eventually like. It can take some time to find the right one, but when you do, it can make all the difference. Additionally, some teets will make certain baby’s use a better feeding technique. The result is a baby that sucks in less air while feeding, and therefore needs less burping. Some mums swear that the right teet can also help reduce colic as well. 

Bottle feeding tips

3. Have a muslin ready Feeding a baby can be a messy experience - even before you start weaning them. Younger babies often have some form of reflux. For some little ones, it can be particularly bad. For that reason, it is always highly recommended to have a muslin nearby to soak up any reflux that your baby has. It will help keep both you and your baby dry and clean. Importantly, it can help stop the need for a change of clothes, which are most likely already a common occurrence in the house with a newborn. 

4. Weigh out amounts ready Bottle feeding with formula can sometimes be stressful given that there is often a screaming, hungry baby in the background. One way you can help minimise your stress is to weigh out the formula in advance and put the amounts in separate air-tight containers. Doing so means you can simply pour the formula straight into a bottle without having to think about it or waste time measuring it out when your little one needs milk as soon as possible. It may sound like overkill, but when you’re tired and your baby’s hungry, it can be an important time-saving step.
Bottle feeding tips
5. Get the angle right Getting the right position for you and your baby is key when feeding them with a bottle. That’s the same with breastfeeding, though the two positions will be quite different. You need to ensure that your baby has an unimpeded angle of the head, allowing the milk to flow from the bottle and into the mouth easily - ensuring they can swallow comfortably too. Don’t forget how you are sitting during a feed either. Making sure you are comfortable will ensure that you do not get any strain. You’ll be feeding your baby a lot every day - repeated strain can end up giving sore necks or backs. Try to get your posture in a good place from the moment you sit down with your baby to feed. 

Let your baby hold the bottle While this is obviously not a tip for the newest of newborns, trying to get a more mobile child to hold their bottle is a good idea. It helps build up their confidence and also means you can have a hand free to read to them or simply stroke their heads while they are feeding. It also just makes them more autonomous and capable. It’s a small step, but it will help with drinking on their own the older they get too.  Bottle Feeding Tips While bottle feeding a baby takes the pressure off a new mum to be around her child all the time, it is not without its difficulties. Using the above tips can materially reduce any stress that comes from feeding a baby so that they can just reap the benefits of taking their milk well.

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