Occupational hazards of the stay at home parent – Bibado
So, let’s take a look at some of the injuries that stay at home parent:


Hair pullingHair Pulling

It’s grim enough that all of your gorgeously thick pregnancy hair starts fall out after you’ve given birth – but what’s worse is, just as it finally starts to grow back, your little one will start to use your luscious locks as a personal climbing rope to hoist themselves up and down. Do yourself a favour and invest in a LOT of bobbles – you’re going to need them.

Unexpected missiles
Your baby’s weaning journey is so special, but it can also be messy and super-stressful. The Bibado makes cleaning up easy, (and keeps your little one’s clothes spotless), but you still need to watch out for rogue food items getting launched across the room (always at your head) and don’t even bother trying to clean the floor whilst your baby is still sitting in their high-chair – not unless you want sticky little fingers grabbing the top of your head anyway!

Teething is a rough time for both babies and parents, especially when their favourite teether just so happens to be your knuckle. Sometimes you’ll pull it away, and sometimes you’ll just grin and bear the pain - anything to stop the crying!

Little fingers love to explore new surfaces and textures, and it’s a lovely thing to watch – except, of course, when it’s your skin that they’re clawing away at. Expect scratches, slaps and the odd pinch taking you off guard of a morning! Oh, and that bobble you keep on your wrist in a poor attempt to keep your hair out of their grasp? Yeah, they’re going to twang that at any given opportunity. 

Back-achePumpkin patch

Carrying a 20lb baby around all day is no easy feat – add to that the car seat, pram and all of the other paraphernalia that comes with leaving the house with a little one, and you’ll soon have arms like The Rock and a serve case of back ache.


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