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Becoming a family is a big change for everyone including any family pets. This is one dog's story of the highs & lows of family life.

My name is Caity and I am a springer spaniel. I'm 9 years old and have spent all of time up to this point as my hu-parents only love. I was quite happy being an only fur-child. In March my hu-mum and hu-dad brought home 2 tiny little people. They said they were my new little brother and sister.

I wasn’t all that impressed with them to begin with. They slept and cried alot and wouldn’t throw my ball or give me treats. My hu-parents spent soooo much time with them, I just sat and watched them.

Well when hu-mum started putting them in these funny chairs and started feeding them proper food I decided that I actually do love them and like to sit under their chairs watching their little legs kicking around. They giggle when I sniff their feet. They used to drop lots of yummy goodies just for me. It was great. That’s when I decided I love my hu-twins.

Then one day hu-mum gets some post through the door - I let her know by barking like mad at the front door. In the envelope was your bibados. I thought my little hu-twins looked quite cute in them but soon discovered there is no more yummy food being dropped on the floor anymore! None!!!!!! I am distraught. Hu-mum said it’s good because now I won’t get fat.

Bibado bibs are causing doggies all across the country to not be able to receive yummy snacks from their little humans and we aren’t happy!

Now I am currently planning on training my little brother and sister to hold their arms out and drop their food for me. Wish me luck x

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