1tbsp fruit syrup⁣

70g self raising flour⁣

40g dairy free spread

Food colouring ⁣

1tsp lemon zest 


1) Mix together the food colouring and fruit syrup⁣

2) Add the flour and diary free spread ⁣

3) Rub together to form a dough⁣

4) Refrigerate for 15 mins ⁣

5) Repeat for all the colours you want to make (ingredients are per colour)⁣

6) Cut each colour into thin strips and shape together into a rainbow⁣

7) cut out a cloud from uncoloured dough and press on top of one side of the rainbow ⁣

8) Bake in a preheated oven for 15 mins (or until golden) at 180 degrees C

Batch cook where possible

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